We build and promote bands across the UK. We create a unique space for musicians to take on the career they always wanted. We take away the monetary and administrative difficulties that many come across when approaching live performance, in doing so, it allows our musicians to fulfil their potential and to play to audiences in their hundreds. 


At Stag Promotions, we work with customers to maintain a strong relationship right through the entertainment process. We wish to build a bond with our customers that instils confidence and leaves you feeling comfortable throughout your experience with us. We believe that the entertainment at any event is of the utmost importance.  Alongside this, our professional dedicated office team will take your information so that you can relax on the night and your guests will have perfection!

We are inspired by a passion to perform and wish our musicians to share these qualities. When hiring, Stag Promotions expect a high standard of expertise in the music industry, we thrive on entertaining to the highest quality, making sure that everyone involved is elated as the evening comes to a close.


Based in Berkshire and Surrey, Stag Promotions are constantly looking for new talent within the area.

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Email: contact@stagpromotions.co.uk

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